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South Carolina Personal Defense CWP Course is 60.00 per person. South Caroina Personal Defense has CWP Group Rates available. Mobile South Carolina Concealed Weapons Training is available.. SC CWP classes are held on the first saturday of each month at our facility.

Welcome to South Carolina Personal Defense

As the demand for South Carolina Concealed Weapons permits and basic pistol safety training continues to increase, so does the demand for quality experienced instructors. Russ at SCPD takes your training and future as a South Carolina Concealed Weapon permit holder very seriously. Throughout this site, you will get a feel for Russ' experience level and his willingness to go beyond the minimum requirements for this course.

Please remeber that none of our courses nor the South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit grants you, the permit holder, to act as a Law Enforcement Officer at any time.

South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit Course

Currently the only course offered at South Carolina Personal Defense, the South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit class is held the first Saturday of each month at our facility and we have a mobile classroom available by appointment. The SC CWP at South Carolina Personal Defense is the perfect choice for the novice or the expert. We have developed and implement teaching methods that will keep the novice from building bad habits and will help the expert identify problem areas. Each class will learn safety and gun handling techniques that are based on our 20 Point Checklist:

20-Point Firearm Safety Skill Builder & Checklist

1. Treat all firearms as if they are always loaded.
2. Never point your firearm at anything or anyone that you are NOT willing to destroy.
3. Keep your finger OUT of the trigger guard, and OFF the trigger, until you are on target and have committed to shoot.
4. Know your target and what is beyond. It's final resting place is YOUR responsibility.
5. Before handing a firearm to someone else, be sure the magazine has been removed, the chamber is not loaded, and the slide is locked back. Or the cylinder is open and has been visually verified to contain no ammunition.
6. If and when picking up a firearm you MUST perform all of the safe and proper unloading procedures.
7. If a particular firearm model is not familiar to you and you are not sure how to operate it properly, please ASK!
8. Since all mechanical safety devices can fail, your ultimate failsafe is your mind and good muscle memory.
9. The owner's manual is my friend and it provides a great deal of recommended safety, cleaning, and storage tips.
10. Storing any firearm is SAFEST done unloaded, cleaned, and either locked or locked away from children and unauthorized persons.
11. When in training always find your firearm in one of three places; 1. In the Holster 2. At the low ready 3. On target. Keep your firearm pointed down range and always follow the instructions given by the range officer.
12. Dry practice means NO ammunition in the gun or even in the same room.
13. Alcohol, drugs, and firearms do not mix.
14. Negligent discharges are not accidents and they have lethal and or legal consequences.
15. Matching holster to firearm will provide the safest method of support.
16. Perfect practice makes perfect, as gun handling skills are perishable and do not last.
17. Marksmanship fundamentals SST; Sight alignment, Sight picture, & Trigger Control.
18. The two most important things to remember in a gun fight are 1. Making hits on the target and 2. Keeping the gun running.
19. SCPD strongly recommends that you comply with all local, state, and federal laws regarding the ownership, possession, transportation, sales, and transfer of firearms. Ignorance is no excuse.
20. Any combination of major safety violations may lead you to be dismissed from class and asked to practice at home. A return date may be set for a safe demonstration of gun handling.

Thank you for visiting our site and remember:
It's Your Job to Protect Yourself!

In today's environment we are constantly being reminded that It's Your Job to Protect Yourself. So from that, South Carolina Personal Defense has created an affordable and practical Concealed Weapon Permit Training program that extends beyond the basics as required by State Law. We are dedicated to instilling in each student the skills and drills that become instinctive and reactionary if and when the situation arises.
-SCPD Mission Statement